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Points: The basics...

Points are earned at each event you attend.   Points are tallied each semester and DO NOT roll over.  You can earn FREE ODK gear with your points!!! 

The Points Deadline for the Fall 2016 semester is to be determined. 

Points: How we award points...

At each event you attend you will earn at least one (1) point. Points are distributed as follows:

General Meeting - 1 point

Social Event - 2 points

Scholarly Event - 3 points

Service Event - 2 points per hour of service, unless a cap applies.*

*Service events are not exclusive to actual service events, such as Adopt-A-Spot or Habitat for Humanity (to name a couple of examples). Additional service opportunities may be announced (donations of food for TOTSOME), with the specific guidelines and restrictions announced at meetings as well as on the meeting PowerPoint that will be distributed to members.

Points : how many points do I need to get FREE gear?

Fall 2016 gear list:

10 points - ODK Pen

15 points - ODK Pen, and ODK Koozie

20 points - ODK Pen, ODK Koozie, and ODK Decal

30 points - ODK Pen, ODK Koozie, ODK Decal, and Graduation Cords**

**Graduation Cords can be purchased by any member of ODK from the national website (www.odk.org) once you have been inducted for $19. However if you earn 30 points in a semester we will give them to you for FREE! 

Points: when do I get my gear?

Prospective Members - You will receive your gear at Induction (Date TBA), along with your Certificate of Membership, Membership Pin, and ODK T-shirt.  You MUST attend Induction to become a Member and to receive your gear. 

Lifetime Members -  Email [email protected] and we will schedule a time for you to pick up your items the week after inductions.