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ODK General Meeting Minutes

 Meeting Minutes for the 2016-17 academic year will be posted here as the year progresses.

Previous Years General Meeting Minutes

09/22/14 - ODK First General Meeting ODK General Meeting 9-22-2014.pptx

09/15/14 - ODK Information Session ODK Info 2014.pptx

ODK Power Point Presentation 2.6.2012.ppt

ODK - UTSA Student Leadership Center 2.20.2012.ppt.ppt 

09/09/13 - ODK Information Session Info Session.ppt

09/18/13 - ODK General Meeting Info Session.ppt

10/09/13 - ODK General Meeting 10.9.13.ppt .  

10/23/13 - ODK General Meeting  10.23.13.ppt &  RISK MANAGEMENT TRAINING.pptx

11/06/13 - ODK General Meeting (coming soon).  

11/20/13 ODK General Meeting (coming soon).